What To Expect

Working with Last Resort

How It Works

We can help those who are just too busy and overwhelmed to effectively deal with their clutter themselves. Here’s what will happen when you work with Last ReSort:


Free Consultation

Once you decide to work with us, we provide a free one-hour consultation. This can be done over the phone, via email, or in your home. We determine your needs and desires, and let you know what you need to buy (bookshelves, bins, etc.) or prepare (pulling out your hidden decor items from boxes, etc.) before we come to work.
We will send you a copy of our flexible sign-up calendar so you can pick a time that works best for your schedule. This can include evenings and weekends.

On the Job

Before we begin, we all sign a letter of agreement outlining mutually agreed-upon services, and decide together where your unwanted items will go and how they will be delivered.

If you have given us permission, we will take “before” pictures prior to working.

Two or three heads are better than one.
Depending on the job, there will always be a minimum of two representatives on site. This allows for greater efficiency and safety for all involved.

Your Commitment

While we are working at your home, it is necessary that you are there working right beside us. This helps with the sorting and decision making, so that you have full ownership of and control over what happens to your possessions.

This also might mean that you need to arrange for childcare or petcare so we can have your undivided attention during our work session.

Our promise


Some clients naturally experience a variety of emotions resulting from our presence in their private space. Many feel embarrassed about the state of their homes, or worry we might see something we shouldn’t.

Don’t worry. At all times we respect confidentiality, and have this included in the letter of agreement we sign with you before working together.

You may feel anxious about showing us the condition of your house, but think of how much better you will feel when it’s all done, sorted, organized, and staged! We will work with you to transform your space from a source of stress to a source of pride!

The three Last ReSorters were wonderful – so professional, supportive and had wonderful ideas! I’d highly recommend their services to anyone else like me who doesn’t have a clue – or just need a push to get going.



Kentville, Annapolis Valley
Nova Scotia


(902) 691-5955