About Us

Our story begins with friendship and caring.

We have a close group of friends that get together at least once a month and we try to get away for a girls’ weekend once a year. We are all busy working mothers and time has become our most precious commodity. Time for family, career, home, friends, and ourselves often leaves us feeling like we are playing a daily game of Tetris – trying to make room for everything and often feeling like we never do. So when circumstances changed  and timing aligned just right, a new opportunity emerged…

In January of 2018, Jennifer found herself unemployed for the first time since she was a teenager. She decided to take advantage of the time she had to reorganise her busy life and home. She started to go through her family’s household to-do list (which was years in the making) and it felt great.

After sharing her personal success with her friends, Laura and Raina, they too caught the bug! The three of us started helping one another in each other’s homes; organising, simplifying, and beautifying each other’s spaces. Then we started helping friends and family. We were hooked. We worked very well together and our skill set complimented each other. Raina has experience and an eye for design and staging. Laura is extremely efficient at organising and creating systems. Jennifer effortlessly blends artistic skills and project management knowledge.

As the summer came and went, we began to discuss the possibility of starting a business together. Here we are over two years later, offering our services to you.

Our mission is a simple one. It is to help you create a calm and welcoming home.

We look forward to working with you!

Meet The Team

Jennifer Williams Saklofske

Jennifer moved to the beautiful Annapolis Valley thirteen years ago with her young family. She has worked in health care for the last 20 years in both a clinical and administrative capacity holding a Masters’ degree in Communication Disorders. In addition, her involvement in community theatre over the past 10 years has included creating sets and props, and scene design. She has also contributed heavily to project management for the theatrical productions she has been involved in.

Jennifer is highly motivated and has an innate love of helping others. She enjoys volunteering for various organizations in the Annapolis Valley and she is looking forward to helping you create a calm and inviting space that you can be proud of!

Jennifer Williams Saklofske

Raina Noël

The home stager at Your Last ReSort, Raina is also the Owner and Creative Director of Annapolis Valley based website and graphic design company, Windrose Web Design.

Raina geeks out over thoughtfully created design and details, and her hobbies include kayaking, wine and coffee (they count!), and adventure travel.

Raina Noël

Laura Churchill Duke

Laura Churchill Duke is a freelance communications and public relations specialist, born and bred in the Annapolis Valley. She is the author of the award winning novel, Two Crows Sorrow (www.laurachurchillduke.ca) and a journalist with Saltwire Network. Laura is also a part-time instructor of communication at Acadia University.

She spends most of her time convincing people to go places and do things – beyond persuading her husband to take out the garbage and her two sons to clean their rooms.

As a teenager, Laura loved watching the show Clean Sweep, and dreamed of one day being that person going into homes to help people get organized. She has been referred to as the organizer, and the event planner, and is happy to channel her Type A personality and skills into helping others get organized.

Laura Churchill Duke


Kentville, Annapolis Valley
Nova Scotia


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