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Turn Your Home Into a Resort

Are you surrounded by too much stuff?  Do you need to downsize? Our team at Your Last ReSort will help you declutter your home, whether you have a specific problem area or just need a general decluttering.

When you feel like you are at your last resort in terms of your home, we will help you turn your home into your own resort.

Jennifer, Laura & Raina



Sustainable Home Solutions


We’ll help you sort and decide what you want to keep, and then create a system to organize your belongings.

Sort & Stage

We’ll help you rearrange your room or decorate your space using your own items, decluttering during the process.

Seasonal Staging

We’ll help you decorate your house, using your own possessions, for holidays, gatherings, and special occasions.

Kitchens and Pantries, Bedrooms, Closets, Garage or Storage Rooms, Offices, Moves & Relocations

Your Last ReSort - Home decluttering in the Annapolis Valley
Your Last ReSort - help downsizing your home
Your Last ReSort - Kitchen Organization & Staging
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I have hired Your Last Resort for two projects and cannot recommend this crew enough.
The work they do in a record amount of time is astonishing. I had put off doing one of my jobs because of the condition of the room. It was embarrassing to have anyone see it. They came and got me sorted out with no judgement. They are so organized and work together flawlessly as a team.
It was the best money I've ever spent and will have them back again.


I had no idea where to start with three generations of "stuff" in my basement and was overwhelmed every time I looked at it! I'm so grateful to the Your Last ReSort team for getting it mucked out and organized for me. I was quite surprised how efficient and patient they were with me as I answered their questions about what needed to stay or go. I was especially delighted that the to go pile was sorted and taken to the dump or for donation. Thanks to you all for your careful handling of my things and getting me organized!


The Last Resort really saved me when I needed help with the packing and sorting of a family members apartment. It was a trying time. They were amazingly efficient and skilled in what-goes-where. But, more importantly, they showed respect and understanding at my most indecisive moments. I am so appreciative of this! I highly recommend The Last Resort.


I used the ladies at Last Resort to help with a very cluttered small barn shed. It’s a project I have put off as I work a lot and just couldn't seem to get the time to get this sorted. These ladies took on the project and to say I’m beyond satisfied would be an understatement. They are like a well oiled machine and work amazing together. They cleaned it from top to bottom, made me get rid of junk that I would have just left or likely put back. When they were finished I didn’t even recognize my small barn shed! I have so much room now! I can’t recommend these ladies at Last Resort enough!! Well worth every penny.


My pantry used to be a source of stress, my "dirty little secret". Not any more! You have turned my dark hole into a well organized, well functioning space!! Thank you. I now find myself wanting to leave the pantry door open.


I can't believe how much it is having such positive effects on my whole life!! I am very happy now and so grateful for having the benefit of your services, I could never have had the results you achieved when I attempted to do it by myself and I am so glad you didn't let me back out or procrastinate dealing with it yet again! You ladies are awesome !


I highly recommend this company!!! They helped me in my basement and what they did in 3 hours would have taken me 3 weeks!


Laura, Raina and Jen have invigorated me to spend more time in the office without dreading the thought of wallowing in all the clutter. Thank you!!!


I can't recommend these ladies enough! If you need assistance, these are the gals to call!


The three Last ReSorters were wonderful – so professional, supportive and had wonderful ideas! I’d highly recommend their services to anyone else like me who doesn’t have a clue – or just need a push to get going.


Whose place is this? It can’t be mine! I’d recommend you to anyone!


The investment I made in contracting Your Last Resort is already paying dividends. Sometimes the hardest part is starting and the few hours that YLR spent in our space started the ball rolling.


This group of three blew me away all 3 times they came to my home with how well they functioned as a team and more importantly how individually their skills and talents complimented each other so well. Everyone always knew what they were doing.


Organizing can be a struggle in a really busy home with 3 boys but “Last Resort” made it so much easier and even fun! They were super friendly and nice and gave me a lot of wonderful ideas. My oldest son even said that we should have them come back every week. I highly recommend their professional service!


They were amazing! I had an overwhelming task to get my home ready to list and years of clutter. They were professional, efficient and helped me sort and pack years of memories. I was so impressed with their help packing and staging! My house looks brand new! I would recommend them to anyone!


I was convinced that there was nothing anyone could do to help us. In the end, I could see the difference. I never thought of doing that! I was so happy to see all my old favourite things that had been in boxes for ages!



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Nova Scotia


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