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Turn Your Home Into a Resort

Are you surrounded by too much stuff?  Do you need to downsize? Our team at Your Last ReSort will help you declutter your home, whether you have a specific problem area or just need a general decluttering.

When you feel like you are at your last resort in terms of your home, we will help you turn your home into your own resort.

Jennifer, Laura & Raina



Sustainable Home Solutions


We’ll help you sort and decide what you want to keep, and then create a system to organize your belongings.

Sort & Stage

We’ll help you rearrange your room or decorate your space using your own items, decluttering during the process.

Seasonal Staging

We’ll help you decorate your house, using your own possessions, for holidays, gatherings, and special occasions.

Kitchens and Pantries, Bedrooms, Closets, Garage or Storage Rooms, Offices, Moves & Relocations

Your Last ReSort - Home decluttering in the Annapolis Valley
Your Last ReSort - help downsizing your home
Your Last ReSort - Kitchen Organization & Staging
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I was convinced that there was nothing anyone could do to help us. In the end, I could see the difference. I never thought of doing that! I was so happy to see all my old favourite things that had been in
boxes for ages!



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