Home Organization & Staging in the Annapolis Valley

Sort Package

Sometimes one area of your house is out of control and causes you general anxiety when you think about it.
Or, are you getting ready to move and want to sort through your belongings before you pack?

Pick an area for us to target and we’ll work with you to sort through that area, efficiently helping you to decide what you want to keep. We’ll then create a system to organize and manage what you do want. These areas could include: kitchen & pantry, garage or storage room, closets, home office, children’s bedrooms or toy rooms, children’s school work, and more.

Half day: $350 + HST  |  Full day: $650 + HST

Staging Package

There are a few reasons you might want to stage your house.
Research has shown that houses that are staged sell more quickly! Our team can help stage your house, giving a streamlined, uncluttered look that is impressive to buyers.

Perhaps you have recently repainted or remodelled your house and are looking for a fresh way to set up your home. Your Last Resort will redecorate your home using your own possessions to create a fresh new look that suits your style and the room’s intention.

Half day: $350 + HST  |  Full day: $650 + HST

Real estate agents phone for special rates.

Sort & Stage

Are you at a loss of what to do with your home, not sure how to decorate, or want a fresh new look? We can help you breathe life into familiar spaces by rearranging or redecorating your space using your own items, decluttering during the process.

Perhaps you are getting ready to sell your house and want to present a decluttered and well-organized space to potential buyers? We can also help you stage your house to optimize your selling chances.

Half day: $350 + HST  |  Full day: $650 + HST


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